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Gamma System

Gamma System


INFINI™ represents a revolutionary advancement in stereotactic radiosurgery. Infini™ utilizes innovative and advanced technology to deliver state of the art performance while simultaneously reducing system life cycle costs.

INFINI™ provides:

◆ Expanded treatment volume that increases intracranial reach.

◆ Automated patient positioning optimizing overall treatment process.

◆ Unmatched dose sculpturing using patented Rotary Focusing technology and Independent Beam Switch Control.

◆ Automatic and rapid collimator change outs.

◆ The ability to open or close radiation therapy beams at any degree of arc to protect organs at risk.

◆ Comprehensive treatment planning using state of the art InfiniPlan™ software.

◆ Shielding enhancements that provide improved patient protection.


Masep Rotary Gamma Ray Stereotactic Extracranial System is a new product that owns independent property right after our Intracranial System. The treatment range extends from neck to whole body.


Professor and neurosurgeon, Lars Leskell of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, first recognized the need for an instrument to target deep-seated intracranial structures without the risks of invasive open skull surgery in the late 1940s, and introduced the concept of stereotactic radiosurgery. After 20 years of further research, he developed the first functional Gamma Knife along with Professor Borge Larsson, and the Elekta Company in 1968.
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