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Words for MASEP 2020

2021-01-15 10:24

Time is flying, 2021 is right around the corner.

Despite of the year 2020, a memorable year with such words like Nixing (braving a dangerous situation), Chongqi (restarting), Fusu (recovering)……, we still believe that every cloud has a silver    lining. MASEP was also striving to be better   in 2020.

Looking back to 2020, what are the words for MASEP?



01    A  specialized ecological platform is provided together with 30 top experts of radiosurgery

INKON Medical Expert Ecological Platform, which has become a new platform leading the deep integration of industry, education, research and application in the medical field in the era of the Internet of Things, was officially launched on Nov. 7. Up to now, nearly 30 big names have joined, including Academician Yu Jinming, Chairman Wang Junjie, Professor Shen Wenjiang, Professor Li Guang and so on.

MASEP will continue to integrate radiosurgery expertise resources across the country to improve the oncology treatment ecosystem.



02    Focusing on the livestreaming and building a learning and sharing platform

MASEP has launched a program named “Masepers”, which aims at online livestreaming and to share tumor treatment experience in the weekly livestreaming so as to create learning  and sharing platform in the field of tumor.

37 experts has conducted more than 40 academic live shows in 2020, which makes MASEP “Masepers” to be the largest livestreaming platform in the field of stereotactic radiotherapy.



03    MASEP shined in the 3rd  China International Import Expo (CIIE)

As the first large-scale national exhibition in the world with the theme of import, CIIE has always been standing  out .

The 3rd  CIIE opened in Shanghai On November 5. It was the first for MASEP to debut with the world high-end radiotherapy products including gamma knife, linear accelerator, proton accelerator as well as One-stop Technical and Ecological Scene of  Tumor Treatment.



04    MASEP struke a pose at the stage of the 2020 Annual Meeting of  Chinese Association for Therapeutic Radiation Oncologists (CATRO)

The 2020 Annual Meeting of CATRO was held in Jinan, Shandong Province on Oct. 24 and 25. MASEP was invited to attend the meeting and hosted a Global Vision Conference System with the theme   of   Stereotactic Radiotherapy  for  Craniocerebral Disease.



05    Building the 5G diagnosis and treatment platform and regional 5G diagnosis and treatment network

XI 'AN International Medical Center Hospital Radiotherapy Experience Center was unveiled On Nov. 28. MASEP Infini Gamma Knife and Experience Cloud were installed in the center, and were committed to helping the center to build the  5G diagnosis and treatment platform and regional 5G diagnosis and treatment network.



06    Being invited to attend the 16th  Nuclear Industry China (NIC)

The 16th Nuclear Industry China opened at Beijing Exhibition Hall on Oct. 12. MASEP Gamma Knife, as a representive of domestic medical equipment, appeared in the exhibition, attracting experts from Britain, France and other countries as well as journalists from CCTV, China Science Communication, and China   Environment News and so on coming to visit.



07    INKON Medicine and Radiosurgery    was issued for the first time

INKON Medicine and Radiosurgery    was issued for internal communication in May 2020, aiming to compile the latest domestic and overseas research outcomes of basic and clinical radiosurgery into a volume for counterparts and colleagues’  reference.



08    Collecting the industry papers as proceedings

Proceedings   on Basic Research and Clinical Application of   Stereotactic Radiotherapy   was formally completed in February 2020, which collected and collated domestic papers on basic research, clinical research, radiophysics, radiological protection and equipment maintenance from 1999 to 2019.


Words for MASEP 2020
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