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Haier, in the eyes of a foreigner

2020-07-16 16:57

What is Haier like in your mind? Haier brothers? Refrigerator? Air conditioner? Washing machine?

Today Mr. Haier will show you what is Haier like in the eyes of a foreigner!

On June 30, BrandZTop 100 Most Valuable Global Brands is published. Meanwhile, as a part of this authoritative report, a 32-minute documentary named A Haier Purpose- a New Growth Engine in the Era of IoT was released to the global audience and wide concern is aroused.



The director of this documentary is David Roth, the chairman of BrandZ and BAV group. Furthermore, Mr David appears and commentates on the film in person.


The evolution of Haier Brand in the documentary film


Haier was founded in 1984

At that time

Haier was just a small collective factory which is on the verge of bankruptcy and insolvency.

Later, by introducing the position of Chief Executive Officer to chinese companies and specifying the function of CEO within the organization, Zhang Ruimin took over this factory.



Besides the story that a sledge hammer makes the gold metal of quality

Performance Reward System has been carried out in Haier at the dawn of the Reform and Opening-up, which greatly stimulates employees passion for work.



With the growth of Haier, its operation model is changing from time to time. The concept of revolution and development has been deeply rooted in Haiers culture.

Haier has grew into the biggest home appliance manufacturer in the world, with serving more than 1 billion family users worldwide and business covering over 160 nations and regions.



Now, Rendanheyi is the mantra to support Haiers all business. Under this model, Haier is more like a network, rather than a top-down organization. Everyone here is called as an entrepreneur.



From an appliance manufacturer to holistic interconnection ecosystem based on IoT, Haier serves more families and wider population.



Haiers development is not limited to China, but to the whole world. With such high growth rate, Haier has ascended to be BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for two consecutive years.

BrandZ analyzes: Ecology has become a trend in the global business, in which aspect Haier is the front runner.

When referring to this, David Roth appraises:

BrandZ list only includes the most valuable global brands. It is profound moment for brand consecutive evolution and brand importance under the framework of ecosystem for Haier, the first IoT Ecosystem Brand in the list.

Haiers Rendanheyi Model should be learned and referred by all the brands in this rapid changing world. Digitization, connectivity, flexibility, partnerships, fast and fluid decentralized decision-making, and strong engagement with users will be key to success.

About David Roth



David Roth is CEO of The Store WPP in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia as well as the chairman of BrandZ and BAV group.

David, as the top brand expert in the industry, starts his career from the House of Commons in the UK. He is frequently invited to Davos World Economic Forum, University of Cambridge, Yale University, SXSW and CKGSB to share his insights.


Haier, in the eyes of a foreigner
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