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An expert from West Cancer Center: I’ve brought MASEP gamma knife technology to Memphis; I’m very proud of that.

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  “I’ve brought MASEP gamma knife technology to Memphis; I’m very proud of that.” This is what doctor Mathew Barlow, a radiation oncologist from West Cancer Center, said, when interviewed by a local TV channel. What he mentioned is the Infini intracranial gamma system independently developed by MASEP Medical Science & Technology Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., high-end radiotherapy equipment recently introduced to Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, USA.

  At this interview, doctor Mathew Barlow spoke highly of this equipment, “I believe this is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for patients and doctors in Memphis and the Central and Southern Regions, for there has no such a machine in this region to date.”

  Gamma system independently developed by MASEP, a leader in the industry, sold around the globe

  MASEP, highly recognized by first-rate hospitals and experts in the United States, is showing our “Chinese confidence” in the field of high-end medical equipment. To date, MASEP has been labelled and reputed as an “independent researcher and developer” and “international leader” in the field of gamma knife technology.

  In this field of gamma knife, MASEP holds many core technologies, key technologies and independent intellectual property rights, and its latest Infini intracranial gamma system is designed with unique rotary focusing function and switching valves, and able to effectively enhance target spot dosing, reduce the epidermal absorption to target spot absorption ratio, and protect healthy tissue and organs.

  Doctor Mathew Barlow knew its uniqueness, “It boasts sub-millimeter precision; we’ve never heard of such a thing among other existing machines so far.” In March, the Affiliated TCM Hospital of Southwest Medical University clinically received a 75 years old patient with intracranial tumor, whose symptoms disappeared in two months after the surgery with MASEP gamma system, and no new lesions were found to date. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology in the field, MASEP gamma systems became a “hot seller” in the field of high-end medical equipment at the World Health Expo concluded not long ago.

  Currently, MASEP gamma systems have sailed around the globe, obtaining access to the Indian, Argentinian, Mexican, Columbian and other markets, and selling to Vietnam, Turkey, Morocco, Salvador, the United States and other countries. As the only Chinese brand that has passed US FDA and SS&D certifications in this field, MASEP has put up the “Made-in-China” flag in the gamma knife market and clinic application around the globe, making a breakthrough in breaking the monopoly of some foreign enterprises in the field of large medical equipment for decades.

  MASEP drives the transformation of the gamma knife industry in China, showing a promising momentum

  While securing the international markets, MASEP also spares no efforts in promoting standardized application and promotion of gamma systems at home. It is reported that as early as in 2011, MASEP participated in drafting the industrial standard Stereotactic Radiotherapy System with Gamma Beam. On May 18, 2019, MASEP co-sponsored the All-China Seminar on Specifications for Gamma Knife Intracranial Treatment in Chengdu, where the three parties of governments, hospitals and enterprises, centering on the specifications, addressed the problems of the slow development of gamma knife technology, deficient specifications for clinical application and insufficient motivation for talents training, and reached a preliminary agreement on orderly development of the gamma knife trade.

  MASEP will release its driving force in a sustained manner, in building up a dedicated medical ecosystem, speeding up the interaction between enterprises and hospitals, and assisting the hospitals in clearing up any barrier in clinic application with its technical expertise. With the help of the hospitals and the governments, MASEP is speeding up the nationwide coverage with up-to-standard proven equipment and technology, adding to the coordinated development and shared growth for all parties in the industry.

  Furthermore, MASEP, with its unique advantageous costs of equipment and resources, will lower the threshold for treating patients with gamma systems. In 2006, MASEP became a shareholder of Chengdu Gaotong Isotope Co., Ltd. (CNNC), which is an important production base of reactor-irradiated isotope in China, holding more than 80% of total cobalt source supply in China. Therefore, MASEP gamma knives do not just boast advantageous low cost for source replacement, but also reduce the treatment cost of clinic users, benefiting doctors and patients, and contributing to the industrial development.

  Nowadays, Chinese brands in various fields are establishing presence in the international market. MASEP is not only a “pioneer” in marketing its “pacesetter” independently-developed gamma knife products around the globe, but also a “navigator” in making continuous efforts in contributing to the orderly and wide application in the industry in China.

An expert from West Cancer Center: I’ve brought MASEP gamma knife technology to Memphis; I’m very proud of that.
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