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American Neuroscience Investments, LLC and MASEP signed agreement to acquire multiple systems

2012-09-12 18:00

American Neuroscience Investments, LLC and MASEP signed agreement to acquire multiple Infini Radiosurgery Systems

September 12 , 2012

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., September 12 , 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MASEP Infini, an innovator in global medical technology, and American Neuroscience Investments, LLC of Washington, MO have signed an agreement to acquire multiple Infini™ gamma ray radiosurgery systems for their existing radiosurgery centers, and for new centers. With this acquisition, ANI becomes the second organization in the United States to offer its patients the latest generation noninvasive treatment for brain disorders in the form of the Infini™ system that combines advanced Treatment Planning Software with patented Rotary Focusing Technology. This combination allows MASEP Infini to provide clinicians with state-of-the-art radiosurgery systems at reduced life cycle costs.

"We have been working with Masep for quite some time now, and first became aware of the company when we learned about the large number of [ SRRS – name of the older device in China ] stereotactic radiosurgery units deployed in China, but had not yet become available is the United States market. Our relationship with Masep gained traction after we learned that an improved gamma ray model, the Infini unit, had been approved by United States Food and Drug Administration for sale in the U.S. Soon thereafter we sent two prominent neurosurgeons from two different facilities we operate, to investigate the Infini unit for suitability in patient treatment. We asked them to review the Masep manufacturing facilities, to scrutinize the Infini hardware and software and to compare the Infini unit to currently existing competitive stereotactic devices with which they have great familiarity. The reviews came back even more favorable than anticipated, stated James J. Cerutti, President of ANI"

The Infini™ gamma ray stereotactic radiosurgery system received FDA 510(k) clearance in March 2011. It is a high-tech system with automatic features and unparalleled dose-sculpturing abilities. Stereotactic gamma ray radiosurgery focuses radiation on specific areas of the brain to treat tumors and malformations.

"The Infini™ system automates treatment delivery, which provides physicians with outstanding tools to offer the most accurate therapeutic interventions," said Danny Qiu President and CEO of MASEP Infini. "Physicians treating patients with brain disorders do not want to expose brain tissue to unnecessary radiation. That's why using multipurpose radiation equipment on brain patients is not the optimal choice."

Brain tumors affect about 190,000 Americans a year and with over 100 different types of brain tumors, finding the most effective treatment requires expert medical care and state-of-the-art medical equipment. Brain tumors represent a significant burden to the healthcare system and can devastate the lives of patients and their families. Gamma ray radiosurgery is a safe, effective, and non-surgical approach for the treatment of certain types of brain tumors.

American Neuroscience Investments, LLC is committed to providing state-of-the-art radiosurgical treatment to its patients.

The principals of ANI have been in the health care finance and operations business for over 35 years. Today ANI owns and operates medical centers and technologies ranging from standard technologies such as CT and MRI to cutting edge technologies such as magnetoencephalography brain mapping (MEG) and other neuroscience therapeutic devices such as gamma ray systems. Given the very positive results of our diligence on Masep we decided to commence the acquisition of Infini units and to develop sites for their deployment. At present we are in negotiations for deployment of the Infini units at three hospitals in the U.S., with plans to place an additional seven units within five years.

MASEP Infini is a company specializing in innovative approaches in order to bring life-saving technologies to more patients by offering cost-effective solutions that do not compromise therapeutic safety or efficacy. MASEP Infini is based in City of Industry, California and is focused on stereotactic gamma ray radiosurgery.

Contact: Jose Lopez MASEP Infini (626)

American Neuroscience Investments, LLC and MASEP signed agreement to acquire multiple systems
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