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The MASEP Gamma System can be used for the following diseases:
Tumors: Hypophysoma, acoustic neuroma, pinealoma, craniopharyngioma, trigeminal tumors, meningothelioma, brain metastastic tumors, chordoma, angioreticuloma, Glioma, embryo tumors, rhinopharyngeal cancer and ocular melanoma
Cerebrovascular diseases: Arteriovenous malformations, cavernous hemangoima
Functional diseases: Parkinson Disease, trigeminal pain, epilepsy, and chronic pain
Other diseases: Certain types of mental illness etc.


Masep Rotary Gamma Ray Stereotactic Extra cranial System main use is to treat body tumors (liver cancer, lung cancer, esophagus cancer, rectal cancer, gastric cancer, bladder cancer, bile duct cancer, abdominal cavity metastatic ganglia lymphatic cancer). The adaptive diseases are as follows:

1. Malignancy

a. Larynx cancer, thyroid gland cancer

b. Primary and metastatic lung cancer

c. Primary and metastatic liver cancer

d. Esophagus cancer, cardiac cancer and mediastinum tumor

e. Lymphogenous metastases of malignancies derived from pulmonary hilar,

mediastinum, abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity

f. Adenocarcinoma of pancreas, carcinoma of gallbladder and cancer of biliary


g. Rectal cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer

h. Lymphatic tumor

i. Gynecologic tumors

j. Primary bone tumor and metastatic bone

2. Benign tumor

a. Hepatic angiomatosis

b. Viscera malformation

c. Islet cell tumor

d. Adrenomedullary cell tumor

e. Hysteromyoma

3. Other benign diseases

a. Benign prostate hyperplasia classified according to treatment results

b. Radical cure effect, mostly for early stage essential organ tumors

c. Semi-radical cure effect, adapted to medium tumors

d. Appeasement effect, used for reduction of large tumors

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